Monday, December 3, 2007

My New Name

It finally happened. It shouldn't have been a surprise. I received a warning a few days ago that my name was about to change. My new name? Mom. That's right, no longer am I "Mommy" to my oldest child, I am now being referred to as "Mom". It occurred to our son a few days ago that is now embarrassing to refer to me as Mommy in front of his peers. He let me know that around his friends that He will address me as plain Mom.
I was thinking to the time in my own childhood that I stopped addressing my own Mother as Mommy. I too made a conscious decision that I "should" call her "Mom". I think I bounced it off of her and said something like-"Is it okay if I call you Mom?" She replied, "Sure, if that's what you want to do." I can't say that my initial reply was as gracious to my boy. I think I said, "Really? You really want to stop calling me Mommy?" I quickly recovered and patted him on the shoulder and assured him that it was no big deal. I lied! It's a HUGE deal! That means he's growing up and gaining independence and soon he'll go to college! Well, the college part is in like 7 years or so.
As I said, today it happened. One of his friends came to the door to see if he could play. He yelled with the front door open, "Mom, can I play outside?". I quickly responded sure, put your coat on etc, but inside I realized that today we turned a page.


The Legalist said...

hey just another day closer that we can put him to work!!!

michael & katherine said...

wabazoobah! somehow, i have a feeling that i'll blink and be at the same place . . .
missing you, friend!