Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again.....

For all of my sweet friends that have asked me when I plan on blogging again, well what do you know, I'm finally blogging away! And I am so glad to get to have this fun outlet once again!

I've been tagged by my good friend Katherine:

Here we go:

Ten years ago I: Just moved to Fort worth, TX and was busy chasing our year old son everywhere.

On my to do list today: Staff meeting, tidy up house, and Open House at the kids school.

What I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire:

1) Okay, how fun would it be to tithe on that!!!!So yes, we'd tithe and give to some of our favorite ministries.

2) Purchase a new home for my mom and Tim's mom.

3) Did I mention PRAY!

4) Enroll Tim at the seminary of his choice

5) Purchase a home

6) Would so love to give to a homeless ministry where they meet the physical needs of people

7) Take our entire family on an overseas mission trip

8) Purchase a "Sleep Number" bed

9) Enroll our crazy Jack Russel Terrier in doggy obedience school

10) Home school Justin and Sarah

11) Purchase a new car for Tim or restore his BMW

12) Take a very long vacation and visit all of our family

Three of my bad habits:

1) Sugar and Diet Coke

2) House keeping-lack there of

3) Procrastination

Five Jobs I've had:

1) Indian Fry Bread (first job)

2) Camp Counselor

3) Intern for Children's Ministry

4)Buyer for resale shop (LOVED THIS)

5) Area Director with Apartment Life (current)

5 Things people don't know about me:

1) I instructed people how to build houses at the age of 18 in Mexico- pretty scary, I doubt the houses are still standing!

2) I used to sing at my Uncle Frank's church when I was like 5 years old

3) I attended 3 High Schools and 2 Junior High Schools.

4) My voice NEVER CHANGED after I was about 6 years old......okay if you've spoken with me, then maybe your do know that! However, I had no idea that my voice was different than anyone else until one of my friends in the 6th grade informed me that I would "have more friends" if I didn't use a baby voice. I thought she was crazy......what baby voice? :)

5) I once got into a knock down drag out fight my freshman year of high school (That bully never bothered me again).