Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday Family Night

With my husband being a Travel Agent, September 11th effected our family economics. So much so, it was necessary for me to go back into the workforce and take a full time job. As a result, we were extremely tired and very busy. Tim and I felt like we really needed to connect with our kid's and Friday Night Family Night was born! Although I no longer work full time, Family Night has stuck! If it gets too crazy around our home and Family Night gets looked over, we are sure to hear about it!

Our Family Night varies depending on the circumstance; it can range anywhere from renting a movie to creating a play. Recently we had 15 minutes to run into our rooms, (parents included) put together a costume, and quickly come up with a song to perform for the rest of the family. I believe Tim ended up adorned in "bling" and rapped "Zacheus was a wee little man" while I provided back up. The kids too made up their own song and put together hilarious costumes. We all laughed so hard, we'll never forget it!
On some Family Nights, we sit around the table and color pictures and share the story behind the picture. If we are all pretty mellow, we might sit around the living room and just talk. I remember one night that one of our sweet ones was really having a tough time, it was the perfect opportunity for them to share (with out any rush) what was on their heart and have a good cry. We surrounded that sweet precious one and prayed over them.

Last night, we had a ball. The night before, the kids and I went to Hobby Lobby and chose a few ornaments for each of us to paint. For Family night, we covered our table with newspaper and wax paper. Each person received a paper plate to have their own pallet of paint colors. The creating began! It was a really relaxed time of listening to Christmas music, painting, laughing, and just talking. Several masterpieces were created and the two youngest artists are very proud of their work.

I will admit, sometimes our Family Night's don't always go like we want them to. One of us might be really cranky or the kids might just be too rambunctious. In all honesty there's never a "perfect" day with a "perfect" family experience. To us, the three the most important ingredients to a good Family Night is fun, love, and just plain connecting with our kiddos.

Here are a few pictures of our masterpieces:

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