Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our current events

If I physically wrote down every blog post I thought of, I would probably be updating my blog at least once or twice a day. Obviously, lately that has not been the case. For now, just a few random thoughts and a brief look into our lives for the last few months.....

*IT'S A BOY!  We are expecting our 4th child and our 3rd boy May 5th! I am very excited for Sammy boy to have a little playmate and it should work out beautifully that they will eventually share a room together.

*Sammy thinks the ornaments on our Christmas tree are shiny pretty balls.  Needless to say, we now have fewer shiny pretty balls on our tree. :)

*Tim had two weeks of vacation in November and early December. It was so wonderful to have him home. We played a lot of Farkle and UNO. The kids loved having him home and so did I.  We enjoyed so many rich and thought provoking conversations. Today is his second day back at work and I miss him being here so much.

*I think I am going to paint (have Tim paint) our kitchen Lime Sorbet and our entry way and really nice goldish yellow color.

*A Sarah Grace quote: "Mommy, I wish I had Grace Kelly's wardrobe!"  Love this girl. :)

*We recently had a scare where we thought Justin had appendicitis, it turns out he pulled a stomach muscle playing football with his Daddy.

*Why do women post pictures of themselves in bikinis on Facebook? I'm just saying........

*I have not purchased even ONE Christmas gift.  Oh my!

*I cried this morning over_______________________. Yep, fill in the blank. I read Psalm 145 and was so comforted by the Lord's kindness and patience.

*I miss being with our families for the holidays. Maybe I will never get used to living out of state this time of year.  On that note, my mom is coming out for a visit mid January and my sister just might be visiting in February! :)

*Our church family has undergone so much suffering this year and yet there is such a spirit of praise and thanksgiving to God.  I am deeply challenged in all of my inward and outward grumbling about  meaningless difficulties.

*Tim bought the book, "The Valley of Vision" and read a prayer of thanksgiving to me last night before we went to bed.  I pray I can have a heart filled with gratitude like the Puritans, just beautiful and inspiring.

*Lastly, Sammy boy is yelling in his crib-reading time is over! I hope to get on here again very soon.

Until next time,